Day 12: Wake UP and Smell the Loser: How to Stop Attracting Jerks, Especially for Women in their 30s and 40s That are Losing Hope

with Coach Macy Matarazzo

Coach Macy found her unicorn love, but it took her 30 long years to it. After being too embarrassed to admit she wanted a husband Macy thought love would just happen but it didn’t! After this realisation, Macy made a decision and developed a deeper, more honest, relationship with herself. She got off the emotional roller coaster and started really seeing the love that was all around her. Today she coaches women from all around the world to find their unicorn love!

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No more dating advice about how you “get him”. This is about attracting the one who “gets you” right now without thinking you have to change who you are. Wake Up and Smell the Loser – How to Stop Attracting Jerks and find real lasting unicorn love instead.