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I ask the breakup questions that Google can’t really answer, like…

😓 Why is letting go of an ex/relationship so much easier said than done?

🕊️ What does it really mean to forgive, and how does that help YOU after a breakup?

😠 Why are we sometimes drawn to people who are toxic or just unkind?

😱 How do you cope with the fear of failure, loneliness, and emotional pain?

🤔 How do you avoid making the same mistakes in the future (without being too hard on yourself)? 

🍸 What are the best ways to manage dating life when you’re divorced with children?

You might be wondering who am I?

I’m Talia, and I know breakup pains.

Everyone’s story is different, but here’s mine. In short, I wanted to have kids with my partner… and he didn’t.

To be honest, I probably would have stayed with him anyway. I adored him that much. But at a certain point, it became clear to him that he wouldn’t be able to give me what I wanted, so he started to withdraw his energies, and things began crumbling after that.

It took me about six years to open my heart again. I wish that my healing had been quicker and easier—but that breakup hurt more than anything I’ve ever experienced. The feelings just kept coming, even years later, and I didn’t know what to do with most of them.

I wasn’t just sad and lost without my ex. I was sad, lost, and angry with myself for not knowing how to move on. I felt like I’d wasted my own time, like I was wasting more of it every day that I didn’t let it go—but I didn’t know how to.

I searched for anything that might bring relief, and I was disappointed by most of Google’s results. A lot of post-breakup advice articles are shallow, clickbait BS (as you might have seen), so I had to look for scattered little scraps of deeper insight and slowly stitch them together.

That’s how anybody accumulates wisdom. Then again, six years is an awfully long time to suffer while you search for answers.

Eventually, I had a better idea: why not ask the professionals? Surely, the people who work in these areas for a living will have more to say than the random websites competing for clicks on Google.

So I turned to some experts for their insight… and it’s one of the best decisions I ever made.

First of all, the interviews were such a tremendous help to me personally. Try as I might, I couldn’t feel better until I understood certain things—about myself, about others, about relationships, even about sex—and I couldn’t feel better until I could see breakups for the grieving processes that they are.

After all, as someone once put it, grief is just love with no place to go (and that’s why breakups can feel like a death in the family). The interviews helped me to see all of that more clearly.

But there’s a bigger reason that this Summit is one of the best things I ever did: I recorded it, which means I can share all of it with you!

My hope is that, by providing you with better information, you won’t have to suffer nearly as much or for nearly as long as you otherwise might have.

I just finished watching Day 1 and it was so very powerful. I couldn’t stop taking notes and scooping up ALL the golden nuggets. Wow! I am blown away by how much great, valuable information was shared that was not superficial, but deep. 

Thank you so much for planning such a great forum.

Lisa (USA)

The Interviews 🎙️

Charlie & Linda Bloom
Letting Go: Why It’s Easier Said Than Done

Dr. Susan Campbell
Ending Things Consciously: Being More Resilient in the Face of Emotional Pain

Susan Bratton
Your 4 Relationship Values!

Carlos Cavallo
A Peek Inside the Mind of a Male: Tips from a Dating and Attraction Adviser

Deborah Morehead
How to Re-find Yourself After a Relationship

Dr. Marni Feuerman
Why We’re Drawn to Toxic or Disordered People (and What We Can Do About It)

Freyja Inanna
How Forgiveness is Integral to Healing and Being Free to Truly Love Again

Kim Von Berg
Shifting Your Focus to Call In “The One”

Jacqui Olliver
Common Behaviors That Disconnect People From You (and What You Need to Do Instead)

Judith Sherven & Jim Sniechowski
The Tests that Help Create Your Next Relationship

Lori A. Davis
Getting a Fresh Start on Life After the End of a Relationship: How to Move Beyond the Fear of Failure and Loneliness to Love Again

Coach Macy Matarazzo
Wake Up and Smell the Loser: How to Stop Attracting Jerks

Rebekah Beneteau
Sex, Self-Esteem, and Showing Up as Your Authentic Self

The Experts 🎓

The experts’ qualifications are detailed in their respective interviews. To give you an idea for now, here’s an aggregated list of their occupations and professional credentials.


  • Award-winning journalists
  • Best-selling authors
  • Certified hypnotherapists
  • Certified relationship specialists
  • Communication specialists
  • Dating coaches
  • Divorce and co-parenting coaches
  • General healing practitioners
  • International speakers
  • Leadership consultants
  • Licensed clinical social workers
  • Life coaches
  • Media consultants
  • Motivational coaches
  • OBGYN nurses
  • Personal therapists
  • Professional relationship coaches
  • Psychosexual relationship specialists
  • Registered midwives
  • Relationship counselors
  • Self-love coaches
  • Seminar leaders
  • Serial entrepreneurs
  • Sexological body workers
  • Somatic sex educators
  • TEDx speakers
  • YouTube sensations

    — and more —


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… and they’re all collected together in the Summit Report PDF. So if you’re just getting started and you need some quick reads to start feeling better, the Summit Report has you covered—and of course, you can refer back to it anytime you need a soothing reminder.

It is amazing to me that I found you and your Summit at a time when my relationship had just ended and I was feeling particularly broken. There are no coincidences… and I realize now that recognizing and accepting the fact that he was not the person for me opened up the chance for my continued learning and growth.

Arlene (USA)

Your interviews have helped me so much... I turned to them to help me with moving forward and entering the dating world again. I’m 58 years old and I think your interviews are so valid and helpful regardless of age

Sue (Australia)


Let Love Begin

Online Summit

Expert Advice for Battling Breakup Grief

That's just a $1 per video

What a gift you gave me this morning by introducing me to Judith and Jim! 🙏
I realize now that the two reasons I was put on this earth this time around are to speak my truth and to stay in reality.  And when it comes to looking at love and an intimate relationship with a man, my first job is to be and speak my truth at all times ... and my second job is to “test” and see his reaction!
It is amazing to me that I found you and your summit at a time when my relationship had just ended and I was feeling particularly broken.  There are no coincidences ... and I realize now that recognizing and accepting the fact that “he” was not the person for me opened up the chance for my continued learning and growth ... and for me finding you!
With profound gratitude for you ... and me! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏



Loved today's interview with Carlos... This was so insightful! I've been dating this guy for 2 months or so.. recently he's been pulling away... Legitimately he's very busy, been injured, taking care of his son etc... So I have decided to give him space... Just as Carlos said... Give it a week or 2... That was eye opening. Not wait around forever... Of course not. But the notion that quiet and silence is comfort for men... And women...I panic... And fear. So I can now take care of me and assess what insecurities I have... Such great interviews!



Talia! What a great summit!

Thank you so much for all your attentiveness to making an organized, interesting and useful online conference. I feel very grateful to have taken part in this and each presenter had something I could use or learn from.

Your down to earth approach made it so comfortable and easy to follow.

Wishing you all the best. As for the next topic, I would say I would be interested in how to manifest a healthy relationship and remove the blocks that are standing in your way of getting that. I am not sure how you could sum all that up but that's what I would like to see. Thank you!



Excellent content. I missed a couple of days but I learned a lot! Thank you, Talia! 



I loved especially the Blooms from the Summit and also Judith and her husband!! Made Fabulous sense!! It's highlight of my evening to watch whos on and what they have to share!!



I just finished watching Day 1  and it was so very powerful. I couldn't stop taking notes and scooping up ALL the golden nuggets. Wow! I am blown away about how much great, valuable information was shared that was not superficial, but deep.

Thank you so much for planning such a great forum.



OMG Talia! Just finished listening to you and Dr. Susan Campbell!!! Amazing!! I thought yesterday's interview was good but today's was out of this world! I so agree with you in terms of her giving us all practical and practiseable things to do!

Thank you thank you thank you for providing me with this learning! I feel so blessed to have connected with you and am so grateful for the learning!



I really enjoyed the Summit. I listened to all 21. I learned so much from them. I am 52, left a relationship 7 months ago so I have intimacy issues; and starting over issues etc. So I really want to congratulate you on this Summit.



I wanted to thank you so much for hosting this AMAZING summit! It was incredibly helpful, insightful, and powerful. Amazing speakers and work you are doing. The overall theme of doing the work on ourselves first and building that solid foundation within us is so transformative. Wish I had known this so many years ago. Now on my own journey of self discover, healing, and training to do life coaching work to help others in their own journey. I am so very grateful for all that you are doing, not only helped me, but so many other people.



The interviews felt like pieces of treasure to me. Talia does a great job asking just the right questions to draw out the speakers' unique expertise, making each one uniquely shine and keeping the interviews engaging.



The Let Love Begin summit is so good that I'm pretty sure I'd like to also get the Self Love in Action program too.  I really like the way it is set up kind of making me watch a video each day. I feel like maybe if it was not set up this way, I'd be less likely to do it. But now I have a little habit of self-care developed so I hope to continue little mini lessons each day.. even when these classes are over.  Thanks again so much for all you do. Even if some of the guests are not so great sometimes you are always a joy to watch asking very insightful and intelligent questions. Such an intentional approach to healing. I hope the pain of this break-up goes away soon even though it still feels fresh.