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EP33: Are You Sabotaging Your Love Life?

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Episode Summary:

In this episode, I’m interviewing Nicole Haley, a dating and love coach from Canada. Today, she shares her theory on how our love lives are hijacked by ‘internal saboteurs’ and proposes ways that we can reclaim our power and return to our authentic selves. In this episode, you’ll get actionable tips and resources to identify and control your own saboteurs and finally have the love life you deserve.

Today’s Guest

Nicole Haley

Nicole has helped many clients learn to recognize their boundaries and how to express them with confidence and clarity. She helps women to trust their intuition,  follow their true voice, and understand how men think and act in relationships.

You’ll Learn…

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🖤 About Nicole Haley’s journey to becoming a love coach.

🖤 About the common saboteurs hijacking our love life. 

🖤 About the indicators that tell you your love life has been hijacked and what you can do to bring yourself back to your authentic self.

🖤 What mental fitness and positive intelligence are, and the role they play in our love life.

🖤 Actionable tips to learn to cope and strengthen your positive intelligence. 


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