Abigale Foster

Abigale Foster

Writing has been my passion since I started reading lit seriously in my second year of school. After 6-7 years of keen pursuit, I can honestly say it’s simply what I love most in life – its endless challenge, and its spiritual exercise. If something sets me apart, it’s not the experiences I’ve had that I endeavour to share – it’s the time I’ve spent reading, sipping the great voices of the form, and trying to let them flow through in my own language. At RL, I write meditative pieces on issues of everyday human life.
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Breaking Up With Someone You Love

Facing the hurt after you break up with someone is part of the process and is owed to the breakup itself if everything you’ve sacrificed in leaving your ex and surrendering your future together is going to be worth it.

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How To Be More Confident In Bed

We only wonder ‘how to be more confident in bed’ because we’ve been stranded in such a desert that makes us ask about something that should be heuristic, something that we all have the tools to uncover for ourselves.

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The Balance Of Holding On And Letting Go

Ideally, we are ambidextrous: we hold when something needs to be held, and release when release is necessary. At other times, we do something incredible, ‘holding on’ and ‘letting go’ simultaneously.

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The seduction of beauty at a distance, like the spell of a mirage, holds me captive as long as I believe it will stay perfect upon contact. By contrast, nearness is the most difficult state in which to see beauty – so the absent, hidden, and distant attract, while the present, the ordinary, feels flat and insufferable.

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We are such a sensitive surface that we can’t remember the exit, an exit, from the weathers of our temperament.

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 Expert advice for battling breakup grief.