How To Break Free from the On-Again, Off-Again Relationship Cycle: Tips for Ending it Once and for All

Several factors may contribute to us becoming ensnared in on-again, off-again relationships, or feeling reluctant in letting it go.

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The complexity of Relationships

I really enjoyed all your podcasts. I listened to all 21. I learned so much from them. I am 52, left a relationship 7 months ago so I have intimacy issues; body image issues; and starting over issues etc. So I really want to congratulate you on these podcasts.




Absolutely gold!

Loving the podcasts and how open and honest your guests are.

bknm Jayne,

I super love this podcast! Every week I tune in to get insights and actionable tips on how to live a better life... in love, sex, money, and relationships. Talia is so personable, that listening to the episodes feels like I’m listening to friends chat about the latest topic. I love it!




Talia is a very empathetic host and covers all kinds of interesting topics and guests.



“The more comfortable we get with opposing realities co-existing,
the more maturity we gain.”

—Julie Stoian

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