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Absolutely gold!

Loving the podcasts and how open and honest your guests are.

bknm Jayne,

I really enjoyed all your podcasts. I listened to all 21. I learned so much from them. I am 52, left a relationship 7 months ago so I have intimacy issues; body image issues; and starting over issues etc. So I really want to congratulate you on these podcasts.



I super love this podcast! Every week I tune in to get insights and actionable tips on how to live a better life... in love, sex, money, and relationships. Talia is so personable, that listening to the episodes feels like I’m listening to friends chat about the latest topic. I love it!




This is Let Love Begin, a podcast for the recovering broken-hearted ready to heal and reclaim their enthusiasm with or without a partner. The purpose of this podcast is to help you heal, open your heart, and let love begin so you can thrive and taste all that life has to offer. As someone who lost years to grief, I know the value of unpacking and sifting through our pain to break through and reach new places in our mind, outlook and attitude.

Your Host

I’m Talia, from Rebel Love, and ten years ago, I went through an extremely painful breakup. I thought there was something wrong with me — that I was broken and I couldn’t be put back together, destined to be alone.

I tortured myself holding on to the memory, missing out on new love and new relationships, and lost my enthusiasm for life.
I knew I had to do the work to release, process, and move on from the pain and open my life to possibilities I knew I was missing.

Having been heartbroken, I recognize how breakups can ruin your body, mind, and outlook, and I was inspired to do something about it.

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