EP17: How An Abandoned Wife Can Learn To Trust Again

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Are you feeling lost and heartbroken after being left by your spouse, making it hard to trust again? This is Let Love Begin, a podcast for the broken-hearted, who are ready to heal and reclaim their enthusiasm for life. In this episode, we speak with Vikki Stark, (www.runawayhusbands.com ) family psychotherapist with over thirty years of experience. She is not only a worldwide expert on divorce recovery, and the author of Divorce: How to Tell the Kids, Runaway Husbands, and My Sister, but she is also someone who has experienced wife abandonment. Tune in to receive practical advice and strategies for coping with feelings of injustice, rebuilding trust, and gradually opening up to new connections, while prioritizing self-care and growth.

You’ll Learn

🖤 Vikki Stark shares her journey and why she wrote the book, Runaway Husbands.

🖤 What abandonment-wife-syndrome is?

🖤 Commonalities reported from the abandoned wives about their runaway husbands.

🖤 What’s the first reaction of an abandoned wife? Spoiler alert…it isn’t anger!

🖤 How does an abandoned wife start to rebuild and heal from their runaway husband?

🖤 Vikki Stark’s words of encouragement to all abandoned wives.


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Talia is the owner and founder of Rebel Love, a conceptualised during a difficult period of her life, that hopes to turn pain into something positive by fostering discovery and connections.

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