Andre Hart

Andre Hart

Andre Hart studies at the University of Toronto and spends his spare time reading, cooking, mothering houseplants, feng shui-ing his room, & sussing out Toronto’s best cafes. In his twenties, he has picked up surfing, skateboarding, and boxing as ways of staying active throughout the year. On RL, Andre shares some of his experiences in relationships & romance, opening up about what he’s learned, and how he continues to grow.

A Story of Casual Dating & Issues of Modern Masculinity

In all categories of the soul, it’s vital that we listen to ourselves and what needs attention. We are only, as they say, as strong as our weakest element.
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Should I Text Him? How To Know What To Do

So, first things first, do not hope that anyone out there can give you your ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Instead, I want to help you see the situation clearly so that you can find the true answer within.

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The Rebel Love Podcast Episode 47 with Shauntay Dunbar's featured image with a text that says "Dating Advice For Singles In Their 30's And Beyond" with Talia's cartoon image and Shauntay Dunbar's photo

EP47: Dating Advice for Singles In Their ’30s and Beyond

Episode Summary Meet Shauntay Dunbar, an author, dating expert, and entrepreneur from the Bronx, NY.  Today she shares how being single again, in New York City in her 30s during the age of online dating and social media, prompted her to write her first book, Diving in Stilettos First: Memoirs of Dating Mr Right Now!

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The Rebel Love Podcast Episode 46 with Dr Elisabeth Sheff's featured image with a text that says "The findings of study about children growing up in polyamorous families" with Talia's cartoon image and Dr Elisabeth Sheff's photo

EP46: The Findings Of A Study About Children Growing Up In Polyamorous Families

Episode Summary Meet Dr. Elisabeth (Eli) Sheff, a researcher, expert witness, coach, speaker, and educational consultant. With a Ph.D. in sociology and certification as a sexuality educator, Dr. Eli specializes in gender and sexual minority families, consensual non-monogamy, and kink/BDSM.  Today she shares her findings of a 20+ year polyamorous family study she is involved

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The Rebel Love Podcast Episode 45 with Dr Debi Silber's featured image with a text that says "How To Trust Again After A Betrayal" with Talia's cartoon image and Dr Debi Silber's photo

EP45: How To Trust Again After A Betrayal

Episode Summary Meet Dr Debi Silber, the Post Betrayal Transformation Institute founder and a holistic psychologist, health, mindset, and personal development expert. An award-winning speaker, coach, and author, Dr Silber shares how she helps people move past their betrayals and any other blocks preventing them from the health, work, and relationships they want most. If

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