Nate Frase

Nate Frase

Nate Frase is a freelance writer, photographer, musician and traveling drone operator. Hailing from Columbus Ohio, his eclectic list of skillsets have carried him all around the United States over the course of the last decade, cultivating an interesting and unique perspective that’s best displayed through his comedic writing style. Well known in his early years as a troublemaker/Class clown, Nate’s prankster persona was a constant source of unwanted attention from authority figures. Kicked out of school several times over, his path was seemingly headed to nowhere. But after being tested for learning disabilities as a last ditch effort to salvage his academic career, a beloved guidance counselor took notice of a bored brilliance previously mistaken as an inability to follow direction. With the proper care and guidance, Nate’s talents were honed and focused into several successful creative careers, with work featured everywhere from local news outlets and radio stations to gaining recognition from industry leaders on both the national and global scale. Nowdays, at the age of 31, Nate can be found back in his home state of Ohio, working on various creative projects, creating viral content and raising his two sons, Adam and August.
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