Quean Mo

Quean Mo

Quean Mo is a sex-positive blogger, fiction novelist, and traveler. She splits her time between Toronto, Canada, and Marseille, France. Her professional career includes a self-published novel and Call of the Quean, a sexuality and relationship blog that has been well-regarded within the arena. When Quean Mo isn’t writing, she can be found sipping wine with her husband, listening to music, or planning their next trip! She loves making new friends and passing time with old ones. Quean Mo has a passion for life, and always leads with love.

From No Orgasms to an Open Marriage: My Becoming Story

There are two activities I love most in life: writing and sex. In less than two years, I went from being a nearly inorgasmic young adult to a submissive, cuckquean with a ferocious appetite for experi
a feature-sized image for the blog "What Does Kinky Mean?" on a bright blue background with dotted texture. A woman wearing a black buny-like ears headband and black leather clothes inside a pink circle frame and handcuffs graphics in the background,

What Does Kinky Mean?

I can assure you that being kinky is much more nuanced, and much less unusual than we’re led to believe. So, what does kinky mean?

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Signs A Man Is Falling In Love

Falling in love looks different for everyone. Sometimes a person comes into your life and you just know they’re special and want to get to know them.

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