Sarah Rafferty

Sarah Rafferty

Sarah is a writer, mother, and music enthusiast from Melbourne, Australia. She loves exploring the constant juxtapositions of life in her writing and the unexpected lessons that we never stop learning.

Coping with Heartbreak: Collective Break-up Experience from 107 People

If you’re sitting in a dark room right now, crying into a big bowl of ice-cream while you stalk your ex and their new lover on Instagram, you’re not alone.
The Rebel Love Podcast Episode 47 with Shauntay Dunbar's featured image with a text that says "Dating Advice For Singles In Their 30's And Beyond" with Talia's cartoon image and Shauntay Dunbar's photo

EP47: Dating Advice for Singles In Their ’30s and Beyond

Episode Summary Meet Shauntay Dunbar, an author, dating expert, and entrepreneur from the Bronx, NY.  Today she shares how being single again, in New York City in her 30s during the age of online dating and social media, prompted her to write her first book, Diving in Stilettos First: Memoirs of Dating Mr Right Now!

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