EP10: The Break-Up Effect: Grieving The Life You Thought You Might Have

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Are you struggling to move on after a breakup because you can’t let go of the future you envisioned with your ex? This is Let Love Begin, a podcast for the broken-hearted, ready to heal and reclaim their enthusiasm for life. Dale Hicks is an experienced counselor and therapist who discusses strategies to process the loss of dreams, plans and hopes for the future with your former partner. Join us as Dale provides guidance on setting boundaries through difficulties such as family pressuring you to reunite, dividing friend groups, and coping healthily with intense emotions.

You’ll Learn

🖤 To recognize when you’re falling into unhealthy coping habits.

🖤 How to let go of the plans you had with your ex-partner.

🖤 How to deal with the pressure from family and friends to reunite or get back together with your ex.

🖤 How to let go of a life of raising your children together, and having shared friend groups and finances.

🖤 How to embrace the idea of starting again when you’re coming out of a long-term relationship.


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Talia is the owner and founder of Rebel Love, a conceptualised during a difficult period of her life, that hopes to turn pain into something positive by fostering discovery and connections.

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 Expert advice for battling breakup grief.