EP11: Emotionally Naked Dating: Navigating The Modern Dating World

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Are you tired of the same old dating advice? Are you a woman over 35 who’s navigating the modern dating world and facing unique challenges? This is Let Love Begin, a podcast for the broken-hearted, ready to heal and reclaim their enthusiasm for life. Meet Lisa Shield, a love, dating, and heart-opening expert with nineteen years of experience. Lisa has a master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology and is a certified life and relationship coach who also trained with Don Miguel Ruiz. Join us as we explore the concept of getting emotionally naked – being authentic, open, and vulnerable in your dating journey.

You’ll Learn

🖤 Lisa Shield’s story of how she became a love, dating, and heart-opening expert.

🖤 How she went on 95 dates until she found the “Guardian of her Soul” and knew he was the one.

🖤 The biggest roadblock her clients, women over 35, are facing in their dating journey.

🖤 Talia and Lisa discuss what “attraction” means to them.

🖤 Lisa defines what emotionally naked dating is.


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Talia is the owner and founder of Rebel Love, a conceptualised during a difficult period of her life, that hopes to turn pain into something positive by fostering discovery and connections.

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