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Episode Summary:

In this episode, I’m interviewing Morgana Rae, an international bestselling author, speaker, and seven-figure coach of 27 years, putting love first to build wealth and impact. Our conversation got so juicy we had to divide it into a two-part interview.

Today's Guest

Morgana Rae

Today in part one, Morgana talks about her journey in transforming her disappointing relationship with money into a blissful honeymoon phase treating money like her lover. If you are ready for actionable tips to attract wealth and love like a magnet, then this episode is for you. 

You’ll Learn

a Pinterest pin quote for the Rebel Love Podcast Episode 42 titled "How To Attract Money Like A Lover" that says "We need to get rid of the old relationship with money to have a relationship with money worthy of our deepest respect, admiration and trust." by Morgana Rae on a green watercolor background.

🖤 About Morgana’s story and how her relationship with money as a lover started.   

🖤 What were Morgana’s ‘money beliefs’ before her ‘a-ha’ moment.

🖤 About the key question to ask yourself if you want to transform your ‘money belief’.

🖤 What a money-honey and a money-monster are and how to differentiate them.

🖤 Why undercharging is as bad as overcharging.

🖤 About Morgana’s 6 steps, drawn from her Financial Alchemy program.


Your Host


Talia is the owner and founder of Rebel Love, a blog that was

 conceptualised during a difficult period of her life, that hopes to turn pain into something positive by fostering discovery and connections.

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