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EP30: Honoring Your Boundaries With the People You Love

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Episode Summary:

In today’s episode, I’m interviewing Greg Halama, a codependency coach that has developed his own mastermind model for group healing. He uses internal family systems to help people grow out of codependency and find their power. Today, he shares his journey of self-discovery and setting boundaries when dealing with a toxic relationship.

Today’s Guest

Greg Halama

Greg Halama’s philosophy on personal growth is that each of us already has the right combination of information inside us to achieve incredible growth. He believes that where we experience the greatest source of frustration in our lives is actually the exact place we need to focus most. 

You’ll Learn…

🖤 About Greg Halama’s journey of self-discovery, his experience in a toxic relationship, and how he learned to set boundaries.

🖤 The importance of going through pain and learning the lessons.

🖤 How important it is to set boundaries and what the effects in our lives are when we don’t.

🖤 How we can express and honor our boundaries when the people we love are overstepping them. 

🖤 About an important component needed to set boundaries.


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