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EP18: The Dynamics of A Relationship With A 20-Year Age Gap

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Episode Summary:

In today’s episode I’m interviewing Samantha Golba, a powerhouse persona and professional coach who believes the purpose of life is growth. In our conversation, Samantha shares how she took charge of her life and allowed herself to love a man 20-years her senior, learning to deal with limiting beliefs and her partner’s ex and children.

Today’s Guest

Samantha Golba

Samantha Golba found common denominators between personal development and what drives people to be successful, that she then began to implement it to create her own version of success. She now teaches these tools and strategies to women who are looking to step into their power and bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be.

You’ll Learn…

🖤 About Samantha’s journey on how she became passionate about personal development.

🖤 How  Samantha fell in love with her partner, 20-years her senior.

🖤 How important it is to address limiting beliefs, and not get stuck in life.

🖤 What the misconceptions around dating with a 20-year age gap are.

🖤 About what it takes to make a relationship with an age gap work.


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