Rania Naim

Rania Naim

Writing is not just a passion, it is a dream. I write about life, love, work and the pursuit of your best tomorrow. My passion for writing bloomed when I realized that I want to dedicate my time bringing personal stories to life. My stories are all inspired by true events or everyday conversations.

How To Be The Best Version Of Yourself

"Because it all starts with a vision: if you can envision a bright future being the best possible version of yourself, then surely, you will become it."
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How I Coped With Losing Someone I Wasn’t Ready To Lose

The hardest part about losing someone you’re not ready to lose is accepting the fact that you’re better off without this person in your life; that your days will be brighter without them; that all the love you gave them wasn’t enough. It’s accepting that this person you lost was okay with losing you.

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a featured image of the RL Podcast Episode 19 The Women's Guide to not F*cking Settling with Carlen Costa's image and Talia's cartoon drawing

EP20: The Women’s Guide to Not F*cking Settling

Episode Summary: In today’s episode, I’m interviewing Carlen Costa,  a clinical sexologist and registered psychotherapist. With her vibrant personality, she shares what made her decide to be the active force in her life and stop f*cking settling for second best. Today’s Guest Carlen Costa Carlen Costa is the best-selling author of “Love: The Women’s Guide

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a featured image of the RL Podcast Episode 19 The Best-Kept Secret To an Authentic Relationship with Kim Love Jones image and Talia's cartoon drawing

EP19: The Best-Kept Secret To An Authentic Relationship

Episode Summary: In today’s episode, I’m interviewing Ms. Kim Love Jones, an author, speaker, certified professional life & relationship coach. With her calming and beautiful energy, she shares how being vulnerable sets the stage for a relationship to heal, grow, and love. An international coach, speaker, and author to discuss The Conscious Love and Dating

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a featured image of the RL Podcast Episode 18 The Dynamics of a Relationship with a 20-year age gap with Samantha Golba's image and Talia's cartoon drawing

EP18: The Dynamics of A Relationship With A 20-Year Age Gap

Episode Summary: In today’s episode I’m interviewing Samantha Golba, a powerhouse persona and professional coach who believes the purpose of life is growth. In our conversation, Samantha shares how she took charge of her life and allowed herself to love a man 20-years her senior, learning to deal with limiting beliefs and her partner’s ex

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