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Perhaps it’s to save for a ‘rainy day’, pay off debts, take that vacation you know you deserve, or finally remodel that gloomy bathroom from the 1980s whatever the reason is, people are turning to side hustles to make their dreams a reality. 

Side hustles are growing in popularity because they provide the opportunity to create multiple streams of income, and the flexibility and freedom to work whenever you want to, wherever you want to — even when your kids are sleeping. Side hustles are not just for people who want to work from the comfort of their own home, they’re also for people who want the flexibility to work from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

So, without further ado, I’m excited to share with you these six in-demand side hustles that will allow you to work from anywhere in the world and be profitable. 

1. Become A Virtual Assistant (VA)

What’s a VA?

A Virtual Assistant is someone who works virtually as an assistant for someone else. This can include doing any tasks assigned to them, within their capabilities (and sometimes outside of them also). Duties can include: posting on social media, updating reporting spreadsheets, updating websites, creating graphics, or any other task that is within the VA’s skill set. How much a VA can get paid depends on their skill level, this is why many VA’s invest in their own education and upskill so they can charge their clients more. If you are a freelance VA you are responsible for finding your own clients and invoicing each month. If you find yourself in this scenario you will be responsible for paying your own tax and if you’re in a country without public healthcare you’ll also be responsible for your own insurance as well. 

happy Asian mother working from home and little daughter hugging mom from behind

If you’re interested in learning more about becoming a VA and how to find your first client, Esther Inman has a very popular course, called 90 Day VA, that will provide you with everything you need to know to become a profitable and successful virtual assistant. Esther is a military wife, mom, and a former teacher who decided to venture into the online world and started working from home as a virtual assistant

After battling some serious marriage and money issues, Esther’s virtual business saved her and her son from destitution and allowed them to move to Bali, Indonesia to lower costs and truly embrace the work-from-anywhere lifestyle.

In my podcast interview with Esther, we discussed how her situation pushed her to realize that the way she was earning money and the freedom it afforded her was something that others wanted to learn. 

Do you have excellent attention to detail?

She set out on the journey of creating her course and, since its incarnation, Esther has helped thousands of women start their virtual assisting career.  

What are the requirements to work as a VA?

Anyone can be a VA. All you need is a laptop or computer, good WiFi, and proficiency in the language that you want to offer your services in. Aside from that, an ambitious and go-getter attitude are huge indicators of how successful you’ll be as a VA.

If you want to know more about virtual assistance and more about Esther’s 90 Day VA course, then click on the link to get all the details. If you wish you could travel the world and make money working from anywhere, then check out our podcast episode with Esther to hear all the juicy details on how Esther started out as a virtual assistant.

2. Make Money Reading; Become A Proofreader!

Second on my list of in-demand side hustles (and for all of the introverts out there), is proofreading. 

My dear friend Caitlin Pyle started out as a court reporter transcript proofreader earning money from home. 

She started earning so much money in fact that people started asking her how she did it. So she put it together in one course for people who want to learn to make money reading as well. 

Since her beginnings, Caitlin has taught over 9k students and counting. 

Are you a word nerd? 🤓

What is proofreading and what kind of errors do proofreaders look for?

Proofreading is the last step in the editorial process. It comes after the document has already been through the developmental and copyediting stages. A proofreader is responsible for double-checking documents for errors and typos, including double words, grammar, punctuation, spelling, formatting issues, all to ensure documents adhere to the chosen style guide. 

Who hires proofreaders?

Here are some of the proofreading clients you can work with:

  • Self-publishing authors
  • Publishing houses
  • Web content creators
  • Graphic designers
  • Brochures
  • Bloggers
  • College graduate students
  • Scriptwriters
  • Transcriptionists
  • Podcast Show notes
  • Newspapers
  • Resumes
  • LinkedIn profiles
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Court reporters

Caitlin provides the most comprehensive training program available for aspiring professional proofreaders through her course, General Proofreading: Theory and Practice.

If you are curious to find out if proofreading is the perfect fit for you, click here to watch Caitlin’s free workshop on just that! 

3. Make Money Selling Your Own Stuff And Other People’s Stuff! Aka Become A ‘Flipper’!

Another easy-to-start and profitable side hustle perfect for crafty, and creative people is flea market flipping for profit.  According to Wikipedia, flipping is a term used primarily in the United States to describe purchasing a revenue-generating asset and quickly reselling (or “flipping”) it for profit

Do you love searching through flea markets and finding bargains?

Who can use flipping as a side hustle?

The great news…anyone can! 

Because it doesn’t require a big investment and it can be done wherever and whenever you decide to, it is a popular side hustle with a great return of investment. 

smiling Afro girl in nearshore bar with laptop and smartphone

Great for people who are starting without much capital.

Rob and Melissa from Flea Market Flipper are experts at this, and they’ve even made it a family affair. They not only make enough money to do this full time, but they also have a lot more time to spend with their three kids. Since 2015 they’ve been teaching hundreds of students how to start and grow their flipping businesses through their Flea Market Flipper course. 

This new year, give yourself the chance to turn your passion for treasure hunting at thrift stores and yard sales into a profitable reselling business, in as little as 14 days. Whether you want to sell small items on eBay or ship big pieces of furniture across the country, you can learn it all with Flea Market Flipper University. Click here to learn how!

4. Learn to be a WordPress Support Person! 

AKA Learn to code

In this fast-paced digital era, it’s no surprise that my fourth in-demand side hustle has to do with coding. With technology in every aspect of our lives and careers, having this skill will definitely set you apart from other freelancers. 

Developing this technical skill could open doors of opportunities you never knew existed. And boost your confidence when applying for jobs or charging your clients. At this stage, if you’re still with us you might be thinking, “But I’m not a tech-savvy person, this is not for me!”. A lot of people say that and this is where my friend Julia Taylor comes in with her GeekPack community and WordPress Rockstar course

Do you like solving problems?

Julia is a former intelligence officer, military wife, digital nomad, and founder of The GeekPack Brand. With her course, WordPress [WP] Rockstar, you will learn how to build a WordPress website entirely from scratch, confidently build, code, fix, edit, customize, troubleshoot and add functionality to any WordPress website, and many more skills designed to make you stand out from the competition, land the client, and raise your rates. 

Is this for you if you have no technical degree or job experience?

All you need is the drive, determination, and a bit of imagination to succeed at coding. The bulk of Julia’s students are primarily female, 40+, and had never heard of WordPress before Julia’s Course, (let alone built a website), but are still crushing it.

In addition to Julia being an absolute boss teacher, her community is also one of the most supportive I have seen. So once you feel confident, start venturing out to get your first client and the GeekPack community will be cheering you on. 

In fact, the average time it takes GeekPack students to find their first client is 30 days. Julia knows because she asked them! 

Coding doesn’t have to be a scary thing. On the contrary, it could be your superpower. Click here to find out more about WP Rockstar and GeekPack and join over 1,500 virtual assistants, freelance website designers, stay-at-home-moms, and military wives that have become WordPress Rockstars with badass coding and business skills.

5. Consider Yourself Techy? Or A Fast Learner?

A career in Funnel Building may be for you. 

What’s a funnel? Like funnel cake?

Nope! Entrepreneurs, business owners, coaches, course creators, and even brick & mortar businesses are using Funnel Building to give their customers what they’re looking for and lead them down the path to buying their product or service. Think of it like a really simple website whose goal is to get you to do just one thing: hand over your email address, or book a call, watch a training video or buy a product or service. Whatever it is, a funnel is a very powerful tool used all over the web to get you there. You might not even notice when you’re in one. 

Do you consider yourself techy?

Asian man working from home while holding a baby and daughter hugging him from nehind

Funnel building is a highly-valued skill among entrepreneurs and business owners. Funnels are everywhere, and some experts agree that they are replacing websites and considered by some to be THE MOST important marketing tool. A dear friend of mine, Brittany Long, has a course called Learn to Build Funnels, where she walks you through the process of what a funnel is and how to create one from scratch. You’ll learn about how to build opt-in pages, sales pages on Clickfunnels, and other popular platforms. 

Since the conception of her course, Brittany has launched many student careers in funnel building

How do I know if I can be successful? 

I have really good news for you on this one. 

You get to determine whether or not you’ll be successful. The people that have been successful in this course are the ones who go through the material, practice it, and start talking to clients about the kind of funnels they’ve learned to do before moving on to the next section. If you’re the kind of person who likes design and writing copy and you’re fairly good at picking up technical, stuff this might be a really great option for you. 

Brittany was an overworked teacher before she became an entrepreneur, working from home as a freelance marketer and funnel builder. During her teaching career, a cancer scare prompted her to pursue a more flexible lifestyle through a work-from-home career. Since she left teaching in 2018, and now she balances a thriving marriage, a new baby, and a flourishing at-home career.

If you want to stand out and jumpstart your freelancing career with funnel building, then you won’t want to miss  Brittany’s  Learn to Build Funnels course. And if you are looking to get out of teaching or a career that no longer suits you, or you are an entrepreneur wanting tips on how to balance love and work, then check out our podcast episode with Brittany

6. Become a Ghostwriter – For people who love writing! 

If your goal this year is to finally start a side hustle where you can set free your love for writing and still earn a living, then you are ready for my sixth in-demand side hustle, ghostwriting. 

What is ghostwriting? 

Ghostwriting is when you are hired to write any piece of content on behalf of someone else, who will be considered the author. You might think this is rare, but it’s actually a pretty common practice among authors, celebrities, and entrepreneurs wanting to free up their time or simply get better content from an expert writer. 

Ghostwriting is a sought-after service where you partner with community leaders, business tycoons, inspiring individuals, and even regular people to give voice to their stories and share their message with the world. 

Do you love, love, love writing?

How in-demand is ghostwriting and who needs these services?

Not convinced it can be profitable? Then check out Nick Pavlidis, a full-time ghostwriter, coach, and founder of the Ghostwriter School.  He was able to leave a 13-year stressful law practice career to start a side hustle of ghostwriting at night after work. As the sole earner for a family of four, he was able to quit and earn enough to continue to support his family exclusively from his ghostwriting business. Now, he is teaching others how to have that same success. 

There are literally millions of people out there who want to write a book – and a tiny percentage of them actually have the time, inclination, or ability to do it. Being able to take a lot of information and synthesize it into a meaningful, engaging book is a true skill – one that most people don’t have. If you do, then you’re golden – especially if you’re a good ghostwriter! So once you make your mark and have a happy customer or two, you shouldn’t have any trouble getting business.

If you are serious about earning a ton of money as a ghostwriter, then check out how Ghostwriter School can help you live the life of your dreams, even if you’ve never been a professional writer. 

Our takeaway: 

Entrepreneurship is my world. As an experienced digital nomad, I interact on a daily basis with successful business owners that, just like you, know how valuable side hustles can be. I took the liberty of sharing the ones that are easy to learn and start, created by knowledgeable experts, require little investment, and above all of that, are in-demand skills that will make you stand out from the competition.