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Today I’m interviewing Button Dick Brian. Brian was introduced to me by a mutual friend as a good fit for Rebel Love because he has a particular fetish that is more common than you might think: a foot fetish. I’m interested today to get into Brian’s head and learn about his experience and fetish. 

Content note:

This post contains explicit content about sex, fetishes, kinks and some forms of BDSM. If you find this content triggering please DO NOT read on. 

Brian, can you please introduce yourself and give our readers a sense of who you are?

Hi, I’m Brian — 32. I’m a graphic designer from England. To my friends and colleagues, I’m a normal guy, into art, cars, motorbikes, and living a plant-based lifestyle. (Not a big sports fan). I do enjoy shopping — especially taking girls out to buy shoes. You can see some of my art on Instagram @invisableshoe.

Can you explain to our readers what a foot fetish is? How old were you when you realized you had a foot fetish and was there any particular experience that prompted this realization?

To me, a foot fetish is an absolute obsession with the female foot and in my case, shoes as well.

Yet a foot fetish takes so many forms; some are into male feet: clean, dirty, smelly, long toes — the list is endless.

I was about 8 when I realized.  My aunt used to come around; she had perfect feet — always immaculately painted, nails usually red, and she always wore sexy court shoes.

I knew I liked feet because I would always crawl under the chair my aunt sat in and look at her feet. No one could see me; I remember feeling guilty about my actions but I didn’t understand what was happening. I was 10 or 11  when I started to understand what was going on. My aunt had come around to see my mum. I crawled under the chair which I was too old to be doing.  I thought it would be funny to tickle my aunt’s feet from under the chair. She jumped and laughed saying come from under there you little bugger and my mum shouted to get out and stop messing around. As I crawled out from under the front of the chair my aunt pressed her foot in my face jokingly saying oops sorry. She had been at work all day — her feet smelled so strongly of vinegar and leather I was instantly aroused by the smell and the feel.  My aunt and my mum laughed as I struggled free. They didn’t realise it was a sexual thing that I had just experienced because, once free, I ran upstairs to my room. After that day I would always sneak to the front door out of sight and smell my aunt and any female visitor’s shoes that came to my parent’s house.

How and when do you let your partner know about your foot fetish? At what stage in the relationship? What language do you use when you tell them?

I usually tell women really early on in the relationship. Most of the women I’ve dated have been into it, or willing to try it out.

I don’t really mess around; I’m just straight with them. I do usually ease them in with foot massages and pedicures before moving on to the more dirty stuff.

What’s the typical reaction your intimate partners give when you disclose your fetish?

Most are worried about the condition of their feet: i.e. smell, rough skin, chipped nail polish. I just tell them I love female foot odour, and giving pedicures and removing rough skin is an enjoyable experience for me. Most of the time the girls who are most insecure have the most beautiful feet.

Have you ever dated someone that was uncomfortable with your foot fetish? How did you navigate this?

I’ve gone on dates with women who straight up are not into having anyone near their feet so because feet are such a huge deal we will ultimately just be friends; I don’t see the point in wasting peoples’ time because it would only become an issue down the line in the relationship. My only bad experience was when I told a woman I went on a couple of dates and she told a bunch of girls at our place of work. There were a few cheeky comments made by some colleagues afterwards but it worked out well, as another woman would often ask me if I wanted to give her a foot massage at the end of the shift, so of course, I always obliged. We did this until she got a boyfriend.

Have you ever slept with someone with a foot fetish?

In your foot fetishism, what are you most interested in: the size, shape, adornments and embellishments, the feel or touch, or the smell of feet? What is most attractive to you?

I really love everything about female feet but strong foot odour is the best to me: the stronger the better. I can actually orgasm just from the smell in the right circumstance without my penis even being touched. I really like larger feet with long toes and black is my favourite nail polish colour. That being said, all women are beautiful in their own way. I’d way rather be under a female who wants me there than a woman with perfect feet who isn’t enjoying herself.

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What does having a foot fetish involve? Can you have pleasurable sex without the inclusion of feet?

I enjoy all sex. I will pretty much do anything a partner tells me to. I love feet but I love my partner to be gratified. I just like kinky sex with or without feet.

How are feet implemented in your submission power play?

There is so much I’ve done that I absolutely love — being humiliated and treated like dirt. I’ve done so many things people would find crazy and not understand. I used to do housework for a female friend and my payment would be humiliation: she would make me lick and smell her work shoes, spit in my mouth and force me to eat her toenail clippings and dead skin off her feet, give her pedicures and massage. She also enjoyed trampling me and kicking me in the balls and I loved every second; the worse she treated me the more it turned me on, even the hard domestic labour. I just love putting females on a pedestal and handing the power to them, especially because of how society views men being the stronger sex … I love how it feels so refreshing and sexy to be totally under the control of a woman.

Do you feel comfortable describing a typical sexual interaction around foot fetishes?

It mostly depends on my partner. I usually take off their shoes or slippers and smell the footwear, then I will smell and kiss the foot all over sucking toes and running my tongue over every part of the foot then move on to pleasuring my partner and fulfilling their needs. Then if I haven’t orgasmed I’ll smell their footwear and have a handjob or blowjob. If it’s just my partner giving me a treat it could be me being trampled and walked on in heels. I have a board of wood like a table I can lay under with a hole to poke my penis through and my partner will trample and walk all over my penis and balls until I cum. I also buy well-worn women’s shoes, socks, and slippers — the older and smellier the better. I once paid £100 for a pair of flight attendant’s heels that were very old. I use these to smell while I masturbate. I have a couple of friends who give me their old shoes. It’s such a shame the amount of shoes women all over throw in the trash not knowing they could sell or give to foot fetishists saving on waste and landfill.

Is it not painful for someone to walk over your penis? Can you describe what about this experience is so arousing to you?

The simple answer is yes it can be, but it’s as painful or as pleasurable as the partner standing above you wants it to be — also the type of shoes or heels play a big part in how painful it is. The thing that turns me on most is the feeling of worthlessness and being so helpless, laying on the floor looking up at a beautiful female taunting me and laughing knowing she has all the power and can have me orgasm under the sole of her shoe or if she is feeling nice, barefoot.

Have you been given a footjob or experienced anal penetration with toes?

Yes, I’ve had my penis rubbed with feet and toes, walked on barefoot and heels until I ejaculate. I’ve never had anal with toes though and I’m not really interested but if it was something a partner really wanted to do I’d try it.

What would you say are the biggest misconceptions about foot fetishism?

To be honest we are like Marmite/Vegemite — you either love us or hate us. Some women love having their feet worshipped and others just think it’s gross. We all have our kinks so don’t be so quick to judge is all I can say.

Do you know other people who have foot fetishes and if so have you discussed your fetish with them? Or is it something to keep to yourself and your partner?

I’ve talked to people on forums and online but none of my friends in the real world. The main reason is, because you are never sure how people will react and I don’t want to be known as the creepy foot fetish guy. I hope as time goes on society, in general, becomes less judgmental about people’s sexual lifestyle choices. Another reason I’d never mention it to friends is I feel foot/shoe fetishists are seen as being creepy and strange, unfortunately.

Thanks so much for speaking with Rebel Love today Button Dick Brian, much appreciated. 

Are there any final words you’d like to impart to our audiences before we say goodbye for now?

I’d like to say thanks for the interview and I know a lot of people will find my sexual preferences gross or bizarre but I literally can’t help the way I am, I often used to find myself wishing I was normal but ask yourself, what is normal. I just hope everyone with a fetish or a kink finds someone to share it with. Be careful who you tell but don’t explore your sexuality — life is too short. Thanks.

Do you have a fetish?