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Let’s face it, not all of us are gymnasts or yoga masters. Sex should be pleasurable, not challenging, which is why I felt inspired to write an unexhausted list of sex positions for the less flexible (yes, I am one of them)!


Do you enjoy exploring new sex positions with your partner?


For the first 4 sex positions, I use the words “Receiver” and “Giver” to differentiate between the partners involved. Below I have provided a definition for each:

🖤 The Receiver: the individual who is being penetrated (be it with a penis, strap on, or toy) or stimulated in another manner by the Giver.

🖤 The Giver: the individual who is penetrating (be it with a penis, strap on, or toy) or stimulating the Receiver in another manner.


a drawing of a man and woman in a horseback sex position with a light pink background color and 2 hearts

If you are someone like me who enjoys deep penetration, try this modified doggy-style position:

Find a comfortable surface, and have the Receiver get on all fours. While keeping their hips raised, the Receiver should drop their head, arching their back, putting them in a variation of child’s pose. Only drop your head as far as it’s comfortable, as flexibility varies.

For the Giver, have a strap-like object (for example, a scarf or belt) on hand. Place it around the Receiver’s hips and hold on to it like reigns. This will provide more control and a deeper thrust if desired. If the scarf or belt is too coarse against the Receiver’s skin, place a pillow or folded towel for cushioning.

Have you tried the "horseback" position before?


The Receiver should lie down, positioning themselves on their hip and forearm, at the edge of a comfortable surface. The Giver should stand or kneel, entering them from behind.

What this position offers?

🖤 The Receiver has the choice between relaxing into the pleasure or assisting in the work by thrusting to the rhythm of the Giver.

🖤 This position offers the Giver easy access to the rest of the Receiver’s body! Add a little massage here, nipple pinch there…

🖤 The Giver has control over the depth of penetration.

🖤 For vagina-owners: by pressing your thighs together, you and your partner may experience more intense pleasure.

Have you tried "The Empress/Emperor" position before?


If you, the Giver, like the full view of your partner, this one’s for you:

Find a comfortable surface that is crotch height (for example, a bench, table, or bed). Have the Receiver lie on the edge of this surface so you can enter them between their legs. Like the Empress/Emperor position, this gives you a full-range of your partner’s body!

A few tips:

🖤 If the Receiver has sensitive hips or trouble holding their legs up, place another surface behind you for them to rest on.

🖤 For deeper penetration, have the Receiver place their feet against your chest or atop your shoulders. Similar to Horse Back, their legs can be used to control your depth and rhythm.

🖤 Add some spice by blindfolding your partner or handcuffing them to the bed (with their consent, of course!).

🖤 Have medical sex fantasies or fetishes? This could be a great gateway position, as it allows the Giver to “examine” the Receiver’s body!

Have you tried "The [Lab] Table" position before?


Giver: pull up a seat at your dining room table.

Receiver: once the Giver is seated, sit on them facing the opposite direction – as if you’re about to eat a meal.

The Receiver will have control over the depth and rhythm of penetration, while the Giver gets to enjoy the ride.

Why at the dining room table? It offers the Receiver support as they move. And the next time you throw a dinner party, you’ll have a dirty little secret.

A few tips:

🖤 If the Receiver is short, place a stool or cushion on the ground for extra foot support.

🖤 The Receiver has full access to their own genitals and may want to take advantage. If preferred, have the Giver reach around and play with different erogenous zones.

Have you tried the "Welcome to Dinner" position before?


Here I offer three variations of the 69 position. Because this position can feel very vulnerable, and at times difficult to accomplish, I suggest working your way through each of these to discover your favorite. It can be a wonderful non-penetrative sexual experience that will have both partners soaring!

Hanging 69

Have partner #1 lie on a crotch-level surface, such as a bed, couch, table, or bench, with their head hanging off the edge. Partner #2 should then stand as close as possible to partner #1, so their mouth can access the genitals of partner #2.

Partner #2 – the standing partner – should then lean over partner #1, accessing their genitals.

If comfortable, partner #1 – the lying partner – can wrap their legs around the neck of partner #2.

Have you tried any variation of the "Rotating 69" positions before?

Spoonful of 69

Lie on a comfortable surface facing each other’s genitals. For vulva-owners, I recommend you wrapping your leg underneath your partner’s arm (hooking your leg into their armpit). This will support you, as well as open you up, exposing more of yourself to your partner, therefore granting them better access to your pleasure zones.

For penis owners, I recommend lying straight, or bending your top leg and planting your foot to support your thrusting.

Classic 69

On a comfortable surface, have one partner lie on their back while the other lies on top of them with their knees straddling their partner’s head.

For partnerships with one penis-owner and one vulva owner, I recommend the penis-owner begin on the bottom. This allows the vulva-owner to control the depth in which the penis enters, as well as the force and rhythm in which their vulva is being stimulated.

Have you been inspired to try any of these positions?


There you have it, friends, five sexy starting points. Give them a try, we’d love to know how it goes!

Until next time,

Fuck-well, friends!

Quean Mo

What positions are you going to try?