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Relationships, be it with yourself, or others, are like plants. They require constant care and nourishment — otherwise, they’ll dry up. The world has profited from this knowledge, commercializing February 14th as the day of love. And don’t get me wrong, I appreciate celebrations of love; however, festivities like this should not be exclusive to couples, nor reserved for a single day. My challenge for all the hearts out there, regardless of status or circumstance, is to read over these unique Valentine’s Day ideas and incorporate one on a recurring basis.

As a wise Instagram quote once told me:

There are too many mediocre things in life. Love should not be one of them.

1. Valentine’s Day Ideas For People Who Don’t Give a Fuck

Let’s face it, some of us don’t give a hoot about Valentine’s Day. It’s just like any other day. Well, this year I offer you a few ideas to reconsider your intention of the day. No, I won’t ask you to go buy a bouquet of flowers, or boxes of chocolates at an inflated price. Instead, focus on the things that matter –yourself, your partner, your family.

Movie Marathon

a silhouette photo of woman group of friends

Schedule a date with your partner and/or family to binge something you all enjoy. If you are single or living alone, have a virtual watch party through apps like Facebook or Skype. Connect with others and follow the films with a thirty-minute conversation about your favorite moments (and maybe make plans for your next movie marathon)!

Low-Lit Tasting Party

Get adventurous with food by trying something new! My suggestion is to seek out les amuse-bouches – bite sized hors d’œuvres – and spend the afternoon or evening tapping into your inner food critic. This can be done solo, or with others.

2. Valentine’s Day Ideas For People Who Love to Fuck

Whether you are single or not, pleasure is a key component to any great Valentine’s Day – or day in general. If you’re hoping for something a little more primal, I recommend you gift yourself one of the following:

Winni Vibrating Ring

A rechargeable, waterproof penis ring that has five intensity settings. User-friendly with a wireless remote, this piece will keep your pleasure mounting.

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Satisfyer Curvy 3 Clitoral Stimulator

Whether single or partnered, this item lives up to its name. Its airwaves and pulsating technology will give you a V-Day to remember.

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Satisfyer Classic Masturbation Sleeve

With its lifelike Cyberskin, this sleek, textured masturbator will keep you wanting all night long!

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Ethical Porn Date

Be doubly pleased this Valentine’s Day by adding a visual element to your celebration and making it ethical!

Do you celebrate Valentine's Day regardless of your status and/or circumstance?

3. Valentine’s Day Ideas For the Sentimental Ones

If you or someone in your life is sentimental, this section is for you!

Recreate Your First Date

a photo of a black mother and child hugging each other

Whether it’s a romantic partner or a best friend, plan an evening to celebrate the relationship by refashioning your first big moment together. Where were you? What did you do together? If you’re social distancing, do your best to transform a space in your home to reflect that moment. What you wore, ate, drank, listened to, and spoke about are easy details to incorporate.

Create a Bucket List

Make a monthly commitment to yourself, partner, or friend, to participate in something out of the ordinary together. This list should include items related to your shared interests, as well as broadening your horizons, with the goal of celebrating the relationship/friendship. This can also be done solo, offering self-exploration and growth. Learning to be comfortable with and valuing oneself is a gift everyone deserves.

4. Valentine’s Day Ideas For Celebrating Singledom and Combating Loneliness

February 15th is Single Awareness Day in the United States. With all that is happening, the world can feel lonely at times. I want to give huge acknowledgment to those who are going through this pandemic solo – whether you are thriving or just getting by – we see you! If you haven’t already, take a peek at the previous sections, as most of the items aren’t exclusive to couples. Otherwise, here is a great way to celebrate singledom.

Singles Virtual Party

Host a singles virtual party, using the following itinerary as a guideline. I suggest you start with your closest, single comrades, and if you wish to make it a recurring thing, extend to friends of friends. It’s a hard time to meet people right now, whether you’re seeking friendship or romance. Virtual parties are a way to keep your social circle strong and growing.

🖤 5:00PM – 6:00PM: Cocktail Hour

This is where everyone starts logging on, pouring themselves a drink, and getting the conversations started. If you’re hosting a group with members who are meeting for the first time, include a quick ice breaker for everyone to get acquainted with.

🖤 6:00PM – 7:30PM: Cook Together

For smaller groups, this is a fun way to get creative. Vote on a recipe and go through each step together. It should go without saying that each attendee should have all ingredients prepped and ready before the party begins. You may want to assign one or two people to read the steps, to be sure everyone is moving at the same pace.

🖤 7:30PM – 9:30PM: Dine and Dish

These two hours will be devoted to enjoying your food creation and celebrating each other. Give everyone the chance to share their goals and recent accomplishments. It may also be worth prepping a few topics for the evening, with questions for the group. The purpose of this time is to lift each other, whilst supporting and celebrating your collective singledom.

5. Valentine’s Day Ideas For Those with Kids

Here at Rebel Love, we understand date nights aren’t always in the cards, especially for parents. Our suggestion is to schedule an intentional date night with your children. A few activities that never get old:

Board Game Night

Find three to five family-friendly board games, and spend the evening getting your butt kicked by your offspring. Some recommendations:

🖤 Telestrations

🖤 Scattegories

🖤 Whoonu

🖤 Risk

🖤 Monopoly

🖤 Clue

🖤 Exploding Kittens

🖤 Double Ditto

🖤 Dominion

🖤 Code Names

🖤 Pictionary

🖤 Apples to Apples (Junior)

🖤 Watch Yo Mouth (Ultimate Edition)

International Dinner Date

Have your family vote on a country and transform your space to reflect it for an international dinner date! Assign each family member a role, which may include:

🖤 Finding a recipe from that country

🖤 Purchasing the ingredients for the recipe

🖤 Learn a few words in the country’s native tongue

🖤 Research a few facts to share about the country over dinner.

Depending on the age of your children, cooking should be a team effort. This offers children a sense of responsibility and memorable bonding time.

Is it important for you to celebrate Valentine's Day?

Happy Valentine’s Day

Regardless of how you feel about Valentine’s day, the celebration of love should be ongoing. Remember, love comes in many forms, but all deserve the same recognition. I hope you make it as wonderful as you are…

Until next time,

Fuck well, friends!

Quean Mo xx