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an image of a woman's legs on a bubble bath

Normalizing Sex with Female Pleasure

Normalizing sex means understanding where we came from, what history and conditioning you are holding on to, and letting go of those narratives that don’t serve you or the world.

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an image of a white woman lying on her stomach wearing a sexy lingerie with a crossed legs, a red mask on the right

Four Misunderstood Sexual Fantasies

Fantasies are unique and harmless, so long as violent, or threatening behaviours do not arise from them. If you decide to bring any of them into reality, there are always things to consider

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A Pinterest Pin that says "I always wanted to be a sex worker" and an image of a white man hugging a white woman from behind with a pink circle in the background

I Always Wanted To Be A Sex Worker

Being a sex worker is also about more than sensuality and physical intimacy; the women and men in this industry provide comfort, companionship, and emotional support to many people.

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